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Basic Dive Skills Series

Gear Assembly

Step by Step | How to Gear Assembly:

Step 1: Inspect dates (visual and hydrostatic tests)

Step 2: Inspect o-ring (for damage)

Step 3: Place BCD on cylinder

Step 4: Tighten BCD strap (and clamp on cylinder)

Step 5: Hold regulator setup (regulator hoses in right hand)

Step 6: Remove dust cap

Step 7: Attach 1st stage onto cylinder (seat on o-ring)

Step 8: Use three fingers (do not over tighten)

Step 9: Attach low-pressure inflator hose (to BCD)

Step 10: Streamline hoses (inflator, octo, gauge console)

Step 11: Place gauge console facing BCD (away from eyes)

Step 12: Fully open cylinder valve

Step 13: Check pressure for a full cylinder

Step 14: Lay gear down on cylinder (or strap down on boat)

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