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Scuba Frisco's travel partner, Dream Weaver Travel, is a leader in the Dive Travel industry with over 32 years of experience arranging custom individual and group travel to the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Pacific.

The Dream Weaver Travel staff has personally traveled to and dived most of the world's top dive destinations. They are happy to share their knowledge with you and guarantee that they will work hard to create your perfect vacation. Let Dream Weaver Travel put their experience to work for you!

Group Dive Trips by Dream Weaver Travel

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If you would like to travel and dive with a guided group, Scuba Frisco's travel partner, Dream Weaver Travel, also organizes guided trips to many of the world's top dive destinations.

Dream Weaver Travel has been organizing and escorting group trips for over 34 years. They have an unparalleled reputation for providing exceptional service to their guests. Dream Weaver Travel has long established relationships with their suppliers that afford you red carpet treatment at all of the destinations they visit.

2017 and 2018 group dive trips include Guanaja, Maldives and Sri Lanka, Solomon Islands, Galapaogs Islands, Little Cayman, Bonaire, Turks and Caicos, Wakatobi, St. Lucia, Belize, St. Eustatus, French Polynesia, South Africa, and Indonesia.

Visit Dream Weaver Travel for more information about these adventures.

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