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Dive Equipment Insurance

Protect your investment and keep your scuba diving and underwater photo and video gear in the picture.

H2O Insurance offers dive equipment coverage exclusively to DAN (Divers Alert Network) Members.

Coverage includes dive equipment, cameras, housings, lenses and strobes*:

  • Includes water damage (flood coverage) on all items.

  • Immediate binding coverage upon completion of the online enrollment.

  • H2O Insurance does not replace your equipment. It provides the replacement funds.

  • A+ rated insurance carrier.

  • Worldwide coverage territory.


Administrated by: Senn Dunn Marsh & Roland
Available to residents of the United States only.
*Coverage is subject to policy terms and conditions.


Other Available Insurance Products

Diver Accident Insurance

Your primary medical insurance may exclude scuba diving as a hazardous recreational activity and/or may not provide coverage when you are traveling out of the country. If it does provide coverage, it may pay only a minimal amount for chamber treatments. There are also often large out-of-pocket payments for deductibles and co-pays. These alone can total thousands of dollars. Protect yourself with Diver Accident Insurance.

Trip and Travel Insurance

Travel insurance gives travelers coverage for unforeseen problems, from a cancelled flight to a serious illness—or in rare cases, even an act of terrorism or the financial default of a travel supplier. Protect your finances with Trip and Travel Insurance.

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