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Full Face Mask Diver

The Course

Instead of asking yourself, “Why dive using a full face or integrated mask”, perhaps you should be asking: Why not? Sometimes conservativism can obscure advantages that would substantially improve our activities. We are resistant to change. Yet if we open our minds we realize something else exists beyond what we’ve become used to using or doing. Now you can extend your diving with a full face or integrated diving mask.

Interested in trying a Full Face Mask underwater?


Join one of our Try Full Face Mask Diving pool demonstrations.




Open Water Divers who are at least 15 years old, and with at least 10 logged dives after being certified, can enroll in the Full Face Mask Diver course.

The Learning


During a pool session and two scuba dives you’ll learn to:

  • Develop your practical knowledge of full face and integrated mask diving.

  • Dive with a full face and integrated diving mask.

  • Plan, organize, and make full face and integrated diving mask dives.

  • Handle problems that could occur while diving with a full face and integrated diving mask.

  • Improve your diving skills.

Also, the first dive of this course may credit as an Adventure Dive toward your Advanced Open Water Diver certification – ask us about earning credit.

Important Medical Information


All student divers are required to complete the PADI/RSTC Medical Statement Participant Record form. If you can answer "YES" to one or more of the questions in the Divers Medical Questionnaire section of this form, then you are required to obtain a physician's release, without conditions or restrictions, before participating in any in-water component of the course. Please read the complete details and download the form here.


If you have a copy of this form signed by a physician within 12 months prior to the expected completion date of your course, and your medical history has not changed, then you may provide a copy of it to your instructor. Otherwise, you will need to complete a new form.



Course tuition includes:

  • PADI Full Face Mask Diver Crew-Pak
    (Manual and other knowledge development materials)

  • Instructional dives with our professional crew*

  • Rental tank and weights

  • Certification processing

  • Certification card

*Scuba park admission, air fills and scuba equipment rental not included. Add $60 if you require rental regulator, BCD and dive computer.

Get Started

Stop by or call Scuba Frisco at 214-227-2494 to enroll in the course and get the materials you'll need. By studying before the dives, you’ll be better prepared to start practicing your full face and integrated diving mask skills when you go diving with your instructor.

Student Agreement: By registering for the Full Face Mask Diver Course, you indicate that you have read and agree to the course policies, terms and conditions.

Full Face Mask Diver Course Schedule


The Gear

Besides your basic scuba equipment, you’ll need a full face or integrated diving mask, a standard dive mask and an appropriate alternate air source. These are available to rent for your course. Your instructor may suggest other gear that may help with your dives as well.

The Next Step

With your PADI Full Face Mask Diver certification, you're well on your way toward earning additional specialty diver certifications, the Advanced Open Water Diver certification, or the prestigious Master Scuba Diver certification. You may want to expand your diving skills even more with the Rescue Diver course. Ask your instructor or divemaster, stop by Scuba Frisco, or give us a call for more details.

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