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Dive Action Camera


If you love complicated settings and like to spend your dive time fiddling with a camera – this is not for you!

Paralenz Dive Camera+ looks and feels like regular dive gear, is easy to use, extremely durable and makes quality recordings.  

  • As easy as using a dive light

  • Full aluminium body and titanium screws

  • Depth & Temperature video overlay

  • Extra long battery life

  • No need for filters or extra housing

  • Simple Sharing via mobile app

  • Compatible with GoPro type mounts using included adapter

An Underwater Camera Made Easy

Brighter and More Colorful Videos

Recordings made underwater are tinted green or blue, unless you use a color filter. Paralenz´s patented DCC (Depth Color Correction) automatically corrects the colors to match the depth you are at. No external color correcting filters required!

Add Some Depth to Your Videos

Paralenz is the first underwater camera with a pressure sensor. It can display real-time depth and temperature as an overlay in your videos and pictures.

Ditch the Extra Gear

Color filters must be changed whenever you change depth, and they absorb a lot of the light. Paralenz doesn’t need filters! It gives you all the light and less task-loading.

As Easy as Using a Flashlight So You Can Enjoy the Dive

Dive With No Distractions

Paralenz has vibration feedback so you can feel what the camera is doing. No need to look at the display, as each function has its own distinctive vibration pattern.

One Button, Many Functions

We keep it simple with just one button! For underwater cameras, magnetic switches are the best choice – they work under any pressure and without penetrating the camera body.

Keep Your Gloves On

“Push-buttons” on underwater cameras are too small and give too little feedback through your gloves. Paralenz' interface works even with thick neoprene mittens.

An Underwater Camera to Take Anywhere

Built Like a Cannonball

Diving is a one of a kind sport that places extreme demands on the gear. Paralenz looks and feels like regular dive gear, is made from military grade aluminum and extremely durable.

No More Flooded Cameras

By applying the right design and materials we have eliminated the need for an extra housing - giving you a smaller more waterproof camera, with a lens that never fogs over.

Waterproof All the Way Down

It´s nice to know that your diving gear has a safety factor, that is why you can record and log your dives all the way down to 250 m / 820 ft. This underwater camera is suited even for the extreme.

Packed With Everything You Need for Beautiful Underwater Footage

Wide Angles Without Distortion

Under water, the angle of the lens matches up perfectly with the size of the sensor, giving you warp free videos with nice straight lines – but still angle enough to record almost everything in front of you.

Great Performance in Low Light

The underwater cameras large 1/2.5” image sensor is developed especially for low light by SONY. This, and the fact that you need no filters delivers brighter recordings than any other underwater camera.

Get Smooth and Steady Video

Nothing beats good buoyancy control, and slow movement when it comes to getting steady videos from an underwater camera, but the EIS gives you a big push towards getting smooth videos.

Create Stunning Video Dive Logs

Ready to Share -- Straight Off the Camera

Press the button once to take a photo or hold it to record video – simple. Done this way, you edit by deciding what to capture during your dive instead of on computer – just tell the story of your dive and share it right away.

Don't Worry About the Camera

It Starts and Stops By Itself

The patented Auto-record automatically starts capturing video when you get to a set depth, and stops when you resurface. This expands your battery life, eliminates the need to edit out boring parts of video and leaves you free to focus on the dive.