Advanced Adventure Diver

If you’ve completed your Open Water Diver certification and are now ready to expand your knowledge but would like to see what is out there first, then the Advanced Adventure Diver course is for you! This course will give you an overview of five different diving specialties including Deep Diving and Underwater Navigation, which are the foundation of continuing diver education. You choose the other three specialty dives from:

  • Advanced Buoyancy Control

  • Altitude Diver

  • Boat Diver

  • Computer Nitrox Diver

  • Drift Diver

  • Marine Ecosystem Awareness

  • Many more!

This course is intended to introduce you to each of the five specialties selected; not complete comprehension of the chosen specialty. One dive from each of the chosen specialties may apply toward the completion of a complete specialty certification.

Who should take this course?

  • Any certified open water scuba diver who wishes to expand their diving knowledge and skill set

  • Any certified open water scuba diver who would like to advance in dive training

  • Any certified open water scuba diver who would like to experience an introduction to specialty diving

What are the prerequisites?

  • Minimum age: 10

  • Open Water Scuba Diver or equivalent, Junior Open Water Scuba Diver or equivalent

  • Junior divers (ages 10-15) can only participate in specialty dives approved for their age.

What will you learn?

You'll get an overview of the Deep Diver and Navigation Diver specialties along with basic insight to three other chosen specialties of your choice as an introduction to that specific area in diving.

Deep Diving Skill Development Will Include:

  • Testing and checking all equipment

  • Familiarization with dive site

  • Descending to planned depth not exceeding any pre-planned limits

  • Diving according to plan at a depth up to 100 feet (70 feet if under age 16)

  • Ascending to and completing a safety stop

Underwater Navigation Skill Development Will Include:

  • Establishing a reference point

  • Planning a dive and entering water from shore/boat

  • Out and back navigation

  • Square and triangle navigation

  • Ascending to and completing a safety stop

Plus you'll develop additional diving skills from three specialty dives of your choice.

What's in it for you?

  • An opportunity to experience several types of specialty diving.

  • Continue to develop your diving skills and knowledge.

  • Ability to enroll in and complete selected specialty courses

  • After successful completion, ability to enroll in the Rescue Diver course.

Course Pricing

Step 1: eLearning

$139.95 per person

Step 2: Open Water Dives

$TBD per person*

*Scuba park admission, air fills and scuba equipment rental not included unless otherwise specified.

Get Started

Click the button below to get started now with eLearning. Then stop by or call Scuba Frisco at 214-227-2494 to schedule your open water dives and get the required gear.

Student Diver Agreement: By registering for a scuba course, you indicate that you have read and agree to the course policies, terms and conditions.

Scheduling During COVID-19

As the COVID situation remains very fluid, student divers will be scheduled on a case-by-case basis, possibly with a customized training schedule. Our staff will work closely with each student diver to ensure training goals are met in a timely manner while maximizing safety for both students and staff. Your course schedule and/or location may vary from those that are presented on our website. Please verify your class date, time, and location with our shop staff.

Important Medical Form


All student divers are required to complete the Diver Medical Form. If you can answer "YES" to one or more of the medical history questions, then you are required to obtain a physician's release on this form, without restrictions or conditions, before participating in any in-water course activities.

The Gear

Beyond using basic scuba equipment, you’ll need a compass and dive knife or dive tool. You’ll also use specialized gear depending on the specialty dives you choose. For example, you’d need a digital underwater camera for the Photography Dive or a unique weight configuration during the Adanced Buoyancy Dive. Your Instructor will explain the equipment that you need and may suggest additional gear, such as dive light for night diving or lift bag for search and recovery diving.

Here's specific gear you'll need to have for certain dives you might choose:

Deep Dive

  • Primary dive light

  • Dive slate with pencil

Underwater Navigation Dive

  • Underwater compass

  • Dive slate with pencil

Wreck Dive

  • Dive light

  • Dive slate with pencil

Digital Underwater Photography Dive

  • Underwater camera

  • Dive slate with pencil

Delayed Surface Marker Buoy Dive

  • Surface Marker Buoy

  • Finger spool with line and double ended bolt snap

Search and Recovery Dive

  • Underwater compass

  • Dive reel or Finger spool with line and double ended bolt snap

  • Surface Marker Buoy

  • Dive slate with pencil

Night Dive

  • Primary dive light

  • Backup dive light

  • Marker light

Visit Scuba Frisco to learn more about the gear you will need to start your adventures in the Advanced Adventure Diver course.

What's Next?

With your Advanced Adventure Diver certification, you're well on your way toward earning additional specialty diver certifications and the prestigious Master Scuba Diver certification. You may want to expand your diving skills even more in the Rescue Diver course. Ask your instructor or divemaster, stop by Scuba Frisco, or give us a call for more details.


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