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Student Guide


Student Guide:

Get Geared Up

Obtaining Your Essential Personal Dive Gear

Get professionally fitted and purchase your essential personal dive gear at Scuba Frisco.

Our staff will help you ensure the right fit and right gear for safe and comfortable scuba diving.

You'll need the following:

  • Scuba​ Mask

  • Snorkel

  • Scuba Fins

  • Scuba Boots

  • Gloves (November - March)

  • Mask Cleaner Solution

  • Mask Defog Solution

  • Mesh Gear Bag

Complete your purchase prior to your pool dives during our regular business hours. We highly recommend doing this on a day other than that of your scuba gear orientation session as the staff is often very busy working with students and preparing for your course that day.

Allow approximately 45 to 60 minutes for our staff to get you fitted and help you make your selections.

How To Prep Your New Essential Personal Dive Gear

Remove all packaging materials from your new gear.

Keep the plastic inserts in your fin foot pockets. This will help preserve the foot pocket shape during storage and transport.

Install your Slap Strap to your mask if you purchased one and not already done.

Adjust your mask and fin straps to your head and feet. Avoid adjusting them overly tight.

If you have a Slap Strap on your mask, be sure to follow the fitting instructions that were included with it.

Learn how to attach and detach your snorkel to the left side of your mask strap if not already done.

A lot of dive gear looks the same at the dive site and on the dive boat, so add a unique identifying mark to your gear with a paint marker. Your name or initials work well to identify your gear.​

Clean the Lenses of Your New Mask

Your new mask has an invisible coating on the lenses as a result of the manufacturing process.​

This coating on the lenses will cause your new mask to fog excessively if not removed.

To minimize fogging, clean the lenses of your new mask using SeaBuff. Follow the label directions.
(Note: If you have a mask with special tinted or polycarbonate lenses, follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the lenses. SeaBuff could scratch the lenses on these masks.)


Repeat the cleaning process three (3) times to ensure a completely clean mask lens.

Defog solution (we recommend SeaDrops by Gear Aid) works best when applied to clean, dry lenses a few minutes prior to placing the mask on your face.

Use SeaBuff periodically (before and after each trip) to keep your mask lenses clean.

Your instructor will give you more tips for minimizing mask fog.

Get Ready​ to Enjoy Your New Gear

Take some time to get to know your new gear and how to put it on and adjust it.

Pack your gear into your mesh bag ready to go diving.

Be sure your mask is well protected in its included case.

Keep the plastic inserts in your fin foot pockets to prevent the foot pockets from deforming.

Avoid allowing clear silicone components of your mask and snorkel to remain in contact with black rubber such as on fins. The clear silicone will absorb oils from the rubber causing it to discolor.

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