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Student Guide


Student Guide:

Referral Instructions

For our student divers who will be completing the Open Water Dives and certification at a vacation destination:

  1. Make advance logistical and financial arrangements with a PADI Dive Center, Resort, or Instructor at your destination to complete your training. Verify that the PADI Instructor who will complete your training is in Teaching Status.

  2. Take the following 3 items to the PADI Dive Center, Resort or Instructor completing your training:

    PADI Open Water Diver Course Record and Referral form. This may be in the first pages of your PADI Diver Logbook.

    Copy of your Diver Medical Form (with physician's signature if required).

    Copy of your PADI eLearning Record form (printed upon completion of the PADI eLearning course). 


  3. Your referral is valid for one year, starting from the day on which you completed your confined water training with us. We highly recommended that you complete your open water dives as soon as possible after the completion of your confined water training. If you do not complete your open water dives while on your trip, please contact us upon your return, and we will be glad to assist  you in completing your certification.

  4. The PADI Instructor completing your training will assess your skills and knowledge and review anything that may be unclear. This assessment will include a short review quiz prior to any in-water activity. For certification, you are required to log your open water dives and your instructor will sign your log.

  5. Upon completion of all required open water dives, the PADI Instructor who completes the final training dive with you will be your certifying instructor. Your instructor will submit your certification application to PADI for processing and issue your temporary certification card. You will then receive your permanent certification card by mail within a few weeks.

  6. Enjoy diving as a certified PADI Open Water Diver and stop back by Scuba Frisco for more diving adventure. And don't forget to check out our Guide to Being a Diver.

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