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Student Guide


Student Guide:

Step 3 - Open Water Dives

What You Will Do and Learn

Apply your new knowledge, skills and gear in an open water environment.

Plan and conduct open water dives.

Use a dive computer to plan and manage your dives.

Basic underwater navigation.

Earn your certification.

When and Where

Saturday and Sunday, starting at 8:15AM each day. View the class schedule for dates.

The Scuba Ranch, 8131 County Road 346, Terrell TX 75161

The drive is approximately 75 minutes from Scuba Frisco.

A parent or legal guardian of students under age 18 must be on-site during training unless other arrangements have been made with the instructor and a notarized parental release is completed. Unaccompanied minors will not be admitted entry into The Scuba Ranch.

Completion time can vary due to class size, weather, environmental conditions and other factors. Classes usually finish by 4:00PM, but may finish sooner or later. We encourage you to not plan other important events during your open water weekend. You will want time to rest after the dive day.

Your instructor will monitor the weather conditions and contact you if the schedule will be adjusted due to lightning. Otherwise, we dive rain or shine.

Save Time at Check-in

For each person entering the park, complete a Scuba Ranch Liability Waiver online before your open water weekend.

After you complete the online liability waiver, be sure to check for an email from The Scuba Ranch. You will need to click a link in the email to confirm your online waiver.

What to Bring

  • PADI Diver Logbook and Pen

  • Mask

  • Snorkel

  • Fins

  • Boots

  • Surface Marker Buoy

  • Defog Solution

  • Mesh Gear Bag

  • Swim Suit

  • Towel

  • Weather Appropriate Dry Clothing

  • Sunscreen

  • Cooler with Ice

  • Plenty of Drinking Water

  • Snacks and Lunch

  • Beach or Camp Chair (We do have picnic tables at our pavilion.)

  • Any other items as directed by your instructor.

Regulators, BCDs, Dive Computers, Weights and Air Tanks are kept on-site at the park and will be issued to you by your Scuba Frisco dive crew.

What About Wetsuits?

You will need to wear a wetsuit during your open water dives.

Remember, water temperature at depth is considerably cooler than the surface temperature of the water and will conduct heat from your body up to 25 times faster than air.

You may use your own wetsuit or rent from the park.

Late March to Early May: Minimum 5mm wetsuit with hood and gloves.

Mid-May to Early June: Minimum 5mm wetsuit. Layer wetsuit over 1.5mm shirt and shorts if you tend to feel cold.

Mid-June to Early October: 3mm wetsuit highly recommended.

Mid-October to Early November: Minimum 5mm wetsuit. Layer wetsuit over 1.5mm shirt and shorts if you tend to feel cold.

Mid-November to Early March: Minimum 7mm wetsuit by layering with hood and gloves is the norm.

When You Arrive

Park in the main lot just inside the entrance and go to the check-in desk.

Tell the park staff that you are a "Scuba Frisco Student" and purchase your admission.

Park staff will give you a parking permit for your vehicle.

Proceed to the Scuba Frisco pavilion.

Park in the grass directly across the road from the pavilion.

As a courtesy to others, please observe the 10 MPH speed limit inside the park.


$20 admission per day per person.

$10 per air tank fill. Plan on 4 tank fills, or 5 if you will be completing the Peak Performance Buoyancy course the same weekend.

$40 wetsuit rental for the weekend.

$6 gloves rental for the weekend if needed.

$6 hood rental for the weekend if needed.

Island Time in Texas

Divers are social creatures and love to celebrate a great day of diving. You, your new dive buddies and your dive crew will probably want to enjoy a leisurely break at a nearby restaurant on your way home Saturday and/or Sunday. So, plan on enjoying the company of your fellow divers, share some dive stories, and enjoy a bit of relaxation. This is a great casual time to discuss lingering scuba questions and dive travel opportunities with your dive crew. Your instructor will give you details about your class's Texas island time, probably at one of theses locations near The Scuba Ranch:

Los Hermanos Mexican Restaurant, 1500 W Moore Ave, Terrell, TX 75160

Rio Lerma Mexican Restaurant, 300 W Moore Ave, Terrell, TX 75160

Upon Completion of Your Open Water Dives

You now have the knowledge and skills expected of an entry level Open Water Diver.

Your instructor will take your photo for your certification card.

Your certification will be processed electronically by your instructor.

You will receive a confirmation email from PADI with your temporary certification card. Check the email you used when registering for eLearning.

Your temporary card is valid for 90 days from your certification date and can be used to dive on an upcoming vacation you may have planned.

You will receive your permanent certification card by mail from PADI within 4 weeks, but usually sooner. This will be mailed to the address you provided when registering for eLearning.

If you do not receive your permanent certification card from PADI within 4 weeks, please contact Scuba Frisco or your certifying instructor.

Now That You're a Certified Diver

Celebrate and be proud of your accomplishment!

Keep diving and don't stop learning.

Check out our Guide to Being a Diver.

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