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Upgrade Junior Certification Card

Divers Upgrading Junior Scuba Diver Certification

What is a Junior Certification Card?

Divers under the age of 15 receive certification cards with the "Junior" designation, such as Junior Open Water Diver. Junior certifications include stated restrictions regarding depth limits and dive buddies based on age.


Upon turning 15, Junior certification card holders may upgrade to a standard certification card with the stated restrictions removed.

Option 1: Take a Course

A Junior​ certification card holder may take the next core level course to both upgrade the certification level and receive a standard certification card.

Option 2: Order a Replacement Certification Card


To upgrade your card from Junior to standard certification level, please complete the Diver Replacement Card Online Application for your current Junior certification level, and your card will print with the new/updated level with the age appropriate restrictions removed.

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